Trip Coil Monitor



  • Monitors the small coils and associated field wiring continuously.
  • Detects faulted conditions which can occur in a coil prior to attempted operation.
  • Detects broken wires, shorts, and power losses.
  • Reduces maintenance and troubleshooting by indicating the type of fault.


  • Stand-alone unit designed to monitor conditions while the coil is de-energized.
  • No additional or special wiring is required between module and solenoid.
  • Seamless integration with programmable logic controllers.
  • DIN rail mounted


The PRETECH Trip Coil Module monitors the coil and associated wiring continuously.  While the coil is normally de-energized, a small monitoring signal passes through the coil to monitor for variations.  By this means, the coil and field wiring are monitored for open-circuits and short-circuits which would otherwise prevent proper operation.  If a command is received to operate the coil, the internal double pole relay changes state to supply the full operating voltage to the coil.  This control source is compatible directly with most programmable logic controllers and can either be DC voltage or a dry contact.

This module offers the additional feature of monitoring the availability of the main power source necessary for energizing the solenoid.  Should power become unavailable at any time, a fault will alert the necessary system or operator that the coil cannot be energized if commanded.

The LED display is color coded for easy troubleshooting of faults and conditions.