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Solenoid Coil Monitor


Our device monitoring solutions will monitor coil and wiring of a solenoid to ensure successful operation.  Sometimes referred to as "cold coil monitoring".


Input Diagnostic Module


Switch monitoring monitors open or closed contacts of any device in the field to detect false readings, faulted wires and more.

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Trip Coil Monitor


Our device monitoring modules will monitor coils of specialized devices such as shunt trip circuit breakers.  Detect faulted wiring, failed coils, and more.

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Trip-A-Larm Products


Our professionals have decades of experience with Trip-A-Larm products.  We provide Trip-A-Larm replacement equipment which also provides switch monitoring, device monitoring, and Cold Coil Monitoring to provide diagnostic and real time status of the loop conditions to DCS, SCADA or PLC systems. We provide repair services and general guidance regarding these products. 

Relay Module


Relays designed for almost any application.  Contact us and learn how the relay modules can be used independently or with our other I/O control loop monitoring solutions.

Protecting Against Coil Failures


Device monitoring system like our cold coil solenoid monitors "Output Diagnostic Module" or our "Input Diagnostic Module" which provides switch monitoring on an E-Stop or other types of switching device contact to provide control loop monitoring for SCADA and PLC systems.  This provides maintenance personel exact condition of the loop which is vital to any system operation.  Review some basic ways to prevent solenoid failures from affecting your overall system reliability. 

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Improve Safety and Reliability

Our device monitoring modules provide loop diagnostics to reduce system down time and false input signals.  

Improve Troubleshooting

Reduce system down-time and simplify control system troubleshooting.  PRETECH modules point to the specific wire or component the instant trouble begins.

Customized Solutions

We design and manufacture customized solutions for control and monitoring.  Equipment such as unique power supply modules, relay panels, event recorders can be designed and customized to fit your application. 

Who We Serve

PRETECH Solutions provides device monitoring solutions which actively serves petrochemical facilities, offshore oil platforms, and other industries all over the world.

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Let us know how we can help your device monitoring needs. We have vast experience in switch monitoring or solenoid monitoring. Contact our engineering or sales team for more information.

Full technical support is available for both Trip-A-Larm and PRETECH Solutions products.

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